About us


CEPROM-CERT is an organization that certifies CE products:

  • Accredited by the Romanian Accreditation Association – RENAR, according to SR EN ISO/IEC 17065;
  • Notified by the Europeean Comission in the CE Official Journal with the identification number NB 1802, for the activity of products certification.

The institute was established in 1971 as a design center for the UNIO Satu-Mare enterprise, having the status of ResearchCenter in the design and development of mining equipment and conveyor transportation systems.

In 1971 it was registered under the name CEPROM, becoming in a very short period of time the most important Research and Development center for mining equipment in Romania.


From 1991 the institute becomes a stock company having the official name CEPROM S.A. SATU MARE. A diversification of profile can also be remarked. Since 2006 the company becomes fully private.

The year 2006 marks also an important change in ownership structure, the company having the majority shareholder the Employees Association. This fact allows for new perspectives and scientific evolution, in line with the EU directives.


Address:Str.Fântânele f.n.
Loc. Satu Mare
Jud. Satu Mare
Cod. 440240


  • Telefon: +40 361-804795
    Fax: +40 361-804796
  • E-mail: ceprom@ceprom.ro


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